The Importance of a Professional Teeth Cleaning

How professional teeth cleaning from your dentists in Prior Lake, MN can save your smile

How much do you know about dental plaque? Did you know it can destroy your smile? Fortunately, brushing and flossing do a lot to help you maintain a healthy smile, but they are not enough. You also need professional teeth cleaning regularly to keep your smile healthy.

Dr. Chad Olson and Dr. Neda Falak at Olson Dental in Prior Lake, MN, offer comprehensive preventive dental care services, including professional teeth cleaning to save your smile.

Dental plaque contains millions of bacteria that produce poisons. These poisons can destroy your gums, your teeth, and the fibers and bone that hold your teeth in place. Brushing after meals and before bed, and flossing every day is key to keeping a healthy smile.

You also need to have your teeth cleaned regularly by a dental care professional. Brushing and flossing can remove the soft plaque on your teeth, but another substance forms on your teeth. It’s called calculus or tartar.

Calculus is a hard substance that can’t be removed with brushing or flossing. It takes the skills and tools of a dental professional to remove it. Removing calculus is important because it is a haven for plaque and bacteria to thrive.

Your dental care professional will remove the plaque and the calculus, polishing away stains, to give your teeth a smooth, glassy, clean surface. A smooth surface makes it more difficult for plaque and bacteria to accumulate on your teeth.

Your regular cleaning appointment is also the perfect time for you to discover the latest tricks, tips, tools, and information to make it easy for you to keep your smile healthy at home.

Professional dental cleanings by your Prior Lake dentist are recommended every six to twelve months if your mouth is generally healthy, or every three to four months if you have gum or periodontal disease.

Don’t forget to have a dental examination, including x-rays, at least once each year. When you visit your dentist regularly, it helps to keep dental issues small and easily treatable, before they have a chance to grow into big dental problems.

To find out more about the importance of professional teeth cleaning and other preventive services, call Dr. Chad Olson and Dr. Neda Falak of Olson Dental in Prior Lake, MN, at (952) 447-4463. Call today!


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